Thank you for being interested in the knives I make.  It is always flattering to know that people appreciate my knives as I much as I enjoy making them.


Please keep some things in mind though.  Each knife I make is unique.  I do not remake knives, and I do not do production runs of any kind.  It is not in my interest to do so.  I love the idea that the knife I am making is something that I make just for you.  You will be the only person in the world that has this knife.  It will be a knife that you had input on and will be something that you love and is not a compromise in any way. 





A knife is priced on many things, including the size of the knife and the materials used.  There are other things that factor in to it, such as the polish requested for example.  As we talk about the knife you want to have made, the price will become more clear.  But, base pricing is as follows:


Base price of a knife with blade length under 5 inches:  $250.00

-This is a full tang high carbon steel knife with a choice of hardwood scales.

-Hand rubbed finish


Base price of a knife with blade length from 5 inches up to 8 inches: $350.00

-This is a full tang high carbon steel knife with a choice of hardwood scales.

-Hand rubbed finish


Additional options add to the price.  These include:

-Hidden tang knife with guard

-Hamon polish (only possible with some steels)

-Antique Finish

-Bolsters on a full tang knife

-Exotic handle materials such as stabalized or rare woods, antler, etc

-Leather sheath (tooling adds to the price as well)


Keep in mind that I have a waiting list for work.  I also do not take money up front for any work.  All money will be due when the knife is complete and ready for shipment.  Knives take as long as they take to complete.  Please do not expect your knife to be complete shortly after you order it.  This is a hand made knife, and it takes time to complete.  Please be patient. 


If you are interested, please drop me a note on the contact page in order to start a conversation about having a knife made.





I provide an unconditional 5 day return policy from the date of receipt of your knife.  During that time you can become familiar with the knife.  Should you choose not keep your knife, I will refund the entire purchase price when it is returned in the same condition as purchased.  5 days after you receive your knife, the sale is final.  For all returns, you bear the cost of shipping the knife back to me.  

If the knife is lost or stolen in transit, the knife will be remade as long as official evidence of loss or theft can be provided.

I guarantee the craftsmanship of my work against defects for as long as I make knives.  If it breaks or falls apart during normal use I'll fix it or replace it with comparable work of the same value. Approved warranty work will be performed as long as I am able to make knives.  I have the final say for what is approved warranty work.

If you use your knife as a pry bar, screwdriver, can opener, hammer or use it in any way that is not intended for a knife, then this warranty is voided. This guarantee does not cover finishes or patinas, wear and tear, movement and checking of materials from any environmental changes, or damage caused by abuse or neglect to both the knife and sheath.  Failing to properly care for your knife will also void the warranty.

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